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Excavator Tractor


The Liquidator Store

Your Premier Surplus Partner

We are a Canadian business specializing in the sale of surplus new and used items. After retiring from the farm equipment industry, our penchant for striking good deals led us to continuously acquire various items. Leveraging our established industry connections, we discovered numerous attractive opportunities. As our collection of items grew, the need for a dedicated location and sales assistance arose, leading us to where we are today.

Our Inventory

Our primary focus is on serving small contractors and hobby farmers. Our inventory includes both new, unused items and used ones. When selling used items, we ensure they undergo inspection and servicing to ensure optimal functionality. Please note that our items do not come with warranties, and we do not carry spare parts. We source our products from manufacturers, auctions, and municipalities.

Book a Product Viewing

To view specific items, appointments are necessary. Many of our customers travel significant distances, and in such cases, a deposit secures the items of interest for viewing. We strongly recommend inspecting items before purchase, as we have a no-return policy. Additionally, we accept equipment trade-ins.

Payment Options

For payment, we accept Visa and Mastercard with a 3% surcharge, and credit card transactions are limited to $2,500. We also welcome e-transfers, cash, and bank wire transfers.

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